Robert Leonard Grover

Robert Leonard Grover


Robert Grover, born one day following the Fourth of July, has lived the American dream.
A self-made man, he has significantly impacted South Florida’s legal landscape as a founding partner of the firm now known as Grover and Weinstein, P.A. As his career progressed and his reputation became well-established, he made contributions to the community that spotlighted his vast knowledge, compassion, fairness and sense of humanity.

Mr. Grover, a native of Providence, R.I., and a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, began his undergraduate studies at the University of Georgia, then shifted to the University of Miami, where he enjoyed a highly decorated tenure as a law student.

At UM’s School of Law, Mr. Grover was admitted to the Society of Wig and Robe, the highest legal honor society at the school, which was limited to the top 3 percent of the student body. He was a class senator and a member of the Dean’s List.

Early in his career, at age 33, Mr. Grover was appointed as Municipal Judge for the City of Miami Beach and served in that capacity for four years. During his tenure, he helped to decriminalize alcoholism and assisted Florida in designing a treatment plan for those suffering from alcohol addiction.
Throughout his life, Mr. Grover has been a legal expert, a community activist and an agent for social change.

But mostly, he has been a helper.
Mr. Grover believes that you must constantly improve yourself and that when you stop learning, you start dying.
Mr. Grover has been recognized nationally as one of the “Outstanding Young Men of America’’ while being selected to “Who’s Who in American Law.’’ He’s a member of the American Trial Lawyers Association, the American Arbitration Association and the Florida Bar Association.

Mr. Grover served two terms as president of Hatikvah Lodge, the second largest B’nai B’rith Lodge in the state of Florida, and one term as vice president of the South Florida Council of B’nai B’rith Lodges.
In a notable accomplishment with that social organization, Mr. Grover founded and participated in a program with Big Brothers, which provides hands-on mentors and role models for fatherless children. He also created a program that facilitated visits to the mentally and physically ill at Veteran’s Hospitals.
He and his wife Elaine just celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. They have three adult children and 9 grandchildren.